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Flower Bed

Our first release, Flower Bed, came out in late 2020. Produced during the Coronavirus pandemic within the Vinyl House, Flower Bed reflects our earliest work together as a band. Featuring songs written by Mikey Flors and Diego, guitar by Mikey Flors and Diego, keys by Mikey Flors, drums by Justin, bass by Dan, and production by Dan and Mikey Flores, Flower Bed shows off our budding sound as a band.

Track Listing

Unwound (The Cake Song)

Fade Away

Pretty Boy

Lost Love

Feelin' Down

Days of May


Sunsets is our second EP, released on April 15. This is our first EP that is a part of our Petal Project-- a series of four, bite-sized EPs that will be released individually, and all compiled into an album. Featuring more songs written by us as a band, Sunsets is a much more collaborative project than our previous release, Flower Bed. Produced and mastered by Mikey Flors and Dan, guitars by Mikey Flores and Diego, bass by Dan, and drums by Justin. Cover designed by @avalonvisualarts.

Track Listing

Far Too Long

At Home

Too Late


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Our 3rd EP and our 2nd entry into our Petal Project reflects a change in our sound. We wanted to try new things and get a bit experimental and weird, leading to psychedelic influences, minimalist and maximalist instrumentations, and esoteric-themed lyrics. Produced/mastered by Dan, Mikey Flors, and Diego. Guitars by Diego and Mikey. Drums by Justin. Bass and auxiliary percussion by Dan. Lead vox by Mikey Flors and Diego. Backing vox by Jamie Sellers. Saxophone by Jarrett Ardente. Cover art by

Track Listing

Great Time

Saturn (feat. Mikey Flors)


Snow (feat. Jarrett Ardente)

We didn't forget the percs (bonus track)